Let the Fun Begin

In my family, nobody gets a birthday, we get a birthweek. Who wants to celebrate a birthday for just one day, when there are seven days in a week?

To start the week off right, Jaxson had his first official birthday celebration on Saturday with our closest friends and dearest family members. The little man is learning early how to party with the best of them. Overwhelmed with love, affection, and friendship; the little guy was the best kid and enjoyed every second of the day - almost as much as his proud parents did.

Uncle Michael and Auntie Kristen "surprised" (mommy and daddy knew) Jaxson by showing up late Thursday night from Maryland. A gift that kept giving and giving as the weekend progressed. A huge thank you to Mimi and Papi for hosting the party and letting everyone into their house and pool for the afternoon.

The cake stood little chance against the mouth of Jax. I don't think I have ever seen a kid swallow as much icing as he did, and not go into some type of multi-dimensional sugar high. He remained his cool and collective self. Thank you once again to Boo and Pops for the Curious George cake - the little man is still talking about how cool it was.

We were humbled by the group that showed up and the love you showed our family; and we want to express our deepest and most sincere thank you's to all who took part in the day in any way, shape or form. Without each one of you, we would be lost. We love you all and thank you once again.

The cake before the massacre.

Boo and Mimi hanging with the special guest.

Sawyer was practicing his balloon animal tricks with Jax - they may go to Vegas and start a show.

Our sweet neighbor Katie.

A view from the throne.

This is a scary scene. I invision a cop car being turned over one day outside Fenway Park as the Rangers beat the BoSox in game seven. Beckett vents his frustration out on Jaxson and his new ride.

The sugar high begins.

Jaxson and Pops enjoy an early fall afternoon.

Josh showing his prize find. A doodlebug.

Not sure who enjoyed opening the gifts more - Robyn or Jaxson

Our little man as he prepares to drive away off into the sunset like all cowboys do.


Jennjilla said...

aww, happy birthday little buddy! :) Hope you had a great day today!!!