Life With Twins.

For any parent who has had multiple children, i.e. twins, triplets, etc.; I have a new found love, respect, and admiration for you.

Beckett joined the Wheat's on Tuesday night while his momma and daddy attended a function at school. Though it was mere two hours, this small slice of "twin cake" made me appreciate parents of multiple children. Not that the situation was overwhelming at all, but with one kiddo a walking machine and the other a crawling force that must be reckoned with, Robyn and I were definitely on our toes that evening.
Teamwork is crucial. For dinner, Robyn began the Wheat Soup Kitchen with both mouths wanting attention; however, we soon figured out that if we divide and conquer we can make both monkeys happy at one time. Of course, neither was happy with what was on their servers plate, so the table dance from one plate to another kept the adults entertained. Who would have thought, dinner and a show for free. I love kids.
After a dinner like that, the bathtub was the next feasible location for the guys. Not sure if it was the awkwardness of the two "men" in the tub at once, or just the unfamiliar surroundings, but Beckett wasn't nearly into the water time as much as our men Jax. Maybe he was just being polite and didn't want to disturb the king's toys, but Beckett really just sat back and let Jaxson have all the fun while he watch with curiosity (or disbelief) while Jax went to town.

As you all know, even the great ones must rest. And rest these little guys did. After playing hard, a good dinner, and a warm bath - Jax and Beckett crashed pretty hard at about the same time. Robyn took Jax, while Beckett and I claimed our spot on the coach.
Not much in the world compares to the feeling of your or your friend's child falling asleep on your chest. The trust and bond that they have for you makes all of your days troubles, fears, and heartaches melt away. The innocence of a child's touch and warmth while they sleep is a feeling that is truly one that can not be put into words.
We thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening with you Beckett, and you are welcome anytime - you know our front door is wide open for you. Enjoy your birthday week and have some more cake tonight.