Entering A Whole New Era

Certain milestones are always remembered in our kids lives. One of those moments happened today while the boys were home together.

The two of us were casually playing in the master bedroom and I noticed Jaxson was inching forwards, instead of backwards. To this point, he could get around the room by spinning in circles and scooting along on his butt, but always in reverse.

Today, he learned how to finally get the gear shift out of reverse and into drive.

Grant it, at this moment he will only crawl for a few feet. Four of five legs exchanges at most; but, even a marathon begins with a single step.

Crawling was not the only milestone we hit today. Fitting that a blog entry about my boys first true crawl comes on blog entry #200. Congrats to us both buddy....many more to come.

Robyn managed to catch a quick video clip this evening of the action taking place. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled to hear such great news!
I guess Jaxson decided to stop teasing all of us and said,"what the heck, i'll just start crawling forward."

Beckett's Dad said...

Rock out with your bad, bad self, lil'Jax!

Kippy said...

...and you'll never sit still again!