The Personality Shows

For the past two to three weeks, the personality that Jaxson is going to have is really beginning to show. He is definitely a jokester and loves to laugh. He has a very laid-back attitude like his daddy, but loves to flirt. Not sure what was in that bottle of his tonight, I think he may have slipped off into the other room and added his own ingredient, but he sure did enjoy flirting with the camera and possible foreshadowing some wedding video cameos one day. Go easy on the free punch buddy.


Anonymous said...

I could definitely see him instead of the milk bottle, the beer and with a great finish, a close up of him burping at the camera. Oh, College is going to be fun for him. Thanks to daddy, he already knows how to play the game.Im joking Corey. LOLOL

Anonymous said...

ok, so we wore the video out! the kiddos loved watching it over and over AND OVER again! Jwheat