Bird's Eye View

Though we aren't actually chewing up the food and passing it to Jaxson orally, the bird's eye view seems to capture the food eating process in one snapshot.
I think for dinner tomorrow night, I will put on my plastic bib, eat with my hands, squash my food in between my fingers and then have Robyn clean up all the food that I thought looked better airborne then it did actually going into my mouth.

Cody-Man Turns 2!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite, and only nephew.

Looking good for an old man.....

Must Run In The Family


What could be cuter than this?? I may be biased, but I know I have the cutest kids in the world in my family.

Father's Day

A few days late for this entry, but time is relative.....right?

We spent part of father's day weekend in Glen Rose with Boo and Pops then headed back to DFW and went to Mimi & Papi's.

Glen Rose was wet but very enjoyable. The day started with the boys hitting the links (I took home the championship for this year's All-Balls Golf Tournament), followed by a day of pool-side lounging, chatting, eating, drinking, and fun. Having a pool full of kids is a great way to spend an afternoon, the entertainment value alone of watching all the kids interact with one another and also seeing some adults act like kids again is almost priceless. The rain held off in the afternoon, which allowed us to enjoy the sun without having to duck-and-cover.

After a good 'ole waffle breakfast, we headed back to Fort Worth and then made our way to Mimi and Papi's. Gracie made her grand entrance to a room full of anxiously awaiting family members. Jaxson really enjoyed having a young friend in the room. The two kids took to one another immediately, Gracie was a little shy at first, but I think Jaxson made some big steps in making a new friend.

All in all the day was great. We got to see both families and were able to spend some good quality time. Robyn, Jaxson, and I love you all dearly and wish all the fathers a be-lated Happy Father's Day.

Jammin' to Wyclef

With the cough still lingering and the ear infections slowly clearing up, daddy and Bambino spent the day together keeping the other kids at the daycare healthy; so they would not have to go through what Jaxson has been going through the last few days.

While doing some work from home today, I happened to catch a Wyclef Jean concert on tv, and who can resist a little Wyclef while working. The best part of the day, watching Jaxson slowly groove to the music. It was great to watch him react to his surroundings in such a direct way. This is the first time I have noticed him understanding what is really happening around him. When the music would stop, so would he. Pretty rad.

Who knows, maybe we got a little rockstar on our hands. Remember the singing video.

Happy 9-Months Bambino

Wish the kiddo could celebrate his 9-month birthday in a better way than going to the doc, but that's life sometimes. Poor little buddy has more things wrong with him right now then any kid should. All minor illnesses, ear infection with a side of wheezing and some type of mouth infection, but he will pull through.

Bambino has spent the last few nights coughing like a 60-year old trucker headed south on I-35 headed on his way to pick up a load of smokes. Hopefully with a little love from mom and dad and a good prescription from the doc, he will be okay in time for our trip to Glen Rose this weekend.

Thinking back 9-months, it is still a humbling thought to realize how far we have come since Sept. 11, 2006. Our lives have more love and happiness in them than I thought possible. Seeing Jaxson change and grow on a daily basis is incredible and a gift that I would never change. Everyday we wonder how can it get better than this having him, and then you wake up and see his big blue eyes and realize today is better than yesterday.

Jaxson, you truly do make each day better than the day before. You make us so happy and so proud, even in your young years.

Happy 9-Months Bambino. Mom and dad love you and want you to get better as quick as you can, we miss out healthy guy.

Maryland Trip: Day 5 of 5

Time to regroup and recoup.

Not too much excitement on the last day. After one last family photo, Casey changing his first diaper, and a photo of the "train wreck" from the morning aftr the party, and the absolute joy waiting out a 4.5 hour flight delay in Baltimore, yep - you read that right, the group headed back to Texas.

5 days after the adventure began, the realization that all good things must come to and end began to hit home. I know that the Wheat family had an absolute blast and can never thank everyone for you opening your arms and lives for a few days and allowing us the opportunity to share in the memories. We met some great friends of Casey and Sam, and you all showed us why they love where they live.

Thank you once again to everyone and we wish the absolute best to the newly weds. Life only gets better from here on out.

To Casey and Sam: Like I said in my speech at the rehearsal dinner. At times in your life, you may feel like you are lost in the journey of life together. But remember, as long as you stick together and endure the twist and turns that the road of life throws your direction, you will always find your way home - sometimes you just gotta stop and ask for help. And that is what family is for. You will enjoy the saddest of times together; however, you will also the most beautiful and inspirational times together. Remember this, as long as you have the right people on board and your not afraid to stop and ask for help, you will always find the right path home.

Maryland Trip: Day 4 of 5

Saturday was the day. To say that the group was excited would be an understatement. You could see the glow in Casey's face all day long that showed how excited he was and how ready he was for the moment to happen.
The wedding, as I mentioned before, happened at the Kentlands Mansion. The wedding was taking place outside, and the rain gods held off 'till Sunday to give Maryland some much needed rain.

The ceremony went flawlessly, and the love that Casey and Sam have for one another was clearly shown when Casey swept his new bride off of her feet and carried her away from the ceremony and towards the reception.

With decorations that were hand made by Sam's mom, Julie, the reception was held inside on the property inside the mansion. Sam's mom had her artwork displayed throughout the mansion, and the passion she has for creativity and art showed in her work and in the decorations that made the scene complete.

Julie, I want to give a huge Thank You from Robyn and I for all you did for us and for Casey and Sam. Without your hard work, the wedding could have never happened, and your decorations were absolutely gorgeous and truly set the scene and the atmosphere.

Once the formal first dances, cake cuttings, and toast were complete, the party ready to kick-off. Jaxson once again was a fan of the local ladies and held his own while partying later than any normal child could handle.

Maryland Trip: Day 3 of 5

The "Big Day" was now less than 24-hours away, and the rehearsal dinner was scheduled for that night at the hotel. To start the day off right, the gang gathered at the local Corner Bakery, which I think we kept in business while we were there, for a good hearty breakfast to start the day off right.

Our little stud-muffin Jaxson, met himself a little girlfriend while at breakfast. The mom and dad were a nice couple from the DC area, and had a beautiful little girl that couldn't keep her eyes off of Jax. Somehow they guessed we were from Texas, must have been the plethera of Cowboys shirts and proud, yes I said proud, Mavs fans proudly showing the love for our team.

Once again, the boys spent the day teeing up the little white ball and celebrating Casey's last day as a bachelor and spending a hot Maryland day on a beautiful golf course. With a slight detour on the way home; actually, we got lost but we did see some beautiful countryside in Maryland, we finally made it back to the hotel in time to shower and freshen-up for dinner.

As with most rehearsal dinners, the emotions ran high, joy and happiness overtook everyone. Games were played, families mingled, speeches were giving, song were sung "roasting" Sam and Casey, and Jaxson was once again a trooper. He spend the night hanging out with Carson, playing some basketball with T.J., and trying to eat through the plastic wrapping of a Hershey's bar. What else could a kid ask for?

Maryland Trip: Day 2 of 5

Day two we awoke to a beautiful day in an absolutely gorgeous town. Gaithersburg has a shopping center that blows anything out of the water that we have around here. It is based on theory of the "small town" feeling in the middle of the busy city. With multiple restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, old school lamp post lining sidewalks paved with bricks, and a small man made lake that has an actual board walk and nature trails.

After an early morning round of golf with Casey, Papi, and Uncle Craig; the family headed for the initial rehearsal on Thursday night at the Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg. The mansion is an original home from a series of farms that use to exist, but have now been built on by developers. The developers have done and incredible job of preserving the last remaining home and the immediate surrounding property.

The setting was perfect for some quality camera time for Jaxson. The early evening sun and the picture perfect surroundings was a Norman Rockwell setting that begged for some pictures. Jaxson met his new friend, Carson, who is the nephew of Sam.

After a brief run-through, the group headed to Rio Grande (same as Uncle Julio's) for a laid back dinner full of meeting new faces and good conversation.

Maryland Trip: Day 1 of 5

With excitement in the air, and a sense of discovery and the beginning of a new life between two beautiful people just over the horizon ; Robyn, Jaxson, and I set off to Gaithersburg, Maryland to attend and be a part of the wedding of Casey and Sam. (For those unfamiliar with the extended family of Crayons and Keyboards, Casey is the oldest brother of Robyn, who has lived in Maryland for the last few years).

This was Jaxson's first time flying, so needless to say, we were all hoping we wouldn't be that young family on the plane with the crying kiddo. Any new parent feels sympathy for the crying kiddo and their family, but we all know that all the other people on the plane would rather hear finger nails down a blackboard then to hear a child cry for hours-on-end in the tiny confinements of a plane.

I am happy to say that our Little Bambino made us proud. He slept for about half the flight, and the other half he was entertained by the weird old man across the aisle who was having more fun playing with Jaxson than Jaxson was playing with him.

Once we were all on the ground, we headed for Baltimore and the Inner Harbor to grab a bite to eat and stretch our legs with an early evening stroll before heading towards Gaithersburg. I have never been to Baltimore before, and I was very impressed with the amount of people out walking and enjoying the beautiful early summer evening. The Inner Harbor is an area of Baltimore that incorporates the Chesapeake Bay into a great public open air mall with shopping, street performers, restaurants, and an incredible view of the skyline of Baltimore.
Day One was coming to a close, and we all knew that we needed our rest for the days ahead. So off to Gaithersburg we headed to check-in to the hotel and get a good nights rest.