Maryland Trip: Day 4 of 5

Saturday was the day. To say that the group was excited would be an understatement. You could see the glow in Casey's face all day long that showed how excited he was and how ready he was for the moment to happen.
The wedding, as I mentioned before, happened at the Kentlands Mansion. The wedding was taking place outside, and the rain gods held off 'till Sunday to give Maryland some much needed rain.

The ceremony went flawlessly, and the love that Casey and Sam have for one another was clearly shown when Casey swept his new bride off of her feet and carried her away from the ceremony and towards the reception.

With decorations that were hand made by Sam's mom, Julie, the reception was held inside on the property inside the mansion. Sam's mom had her artwork displayed throughout the mansion, and the passion she has for creativity and art showed in her work and in the decorations that made the scene complete.

Julie, I want to give a huge Thank You from Robyn and I for all you did for us and for Casey and Sam. Without your hard work, the wedding could have never happened, and your decorations were absolutely gorgeous and truly set the scene and the atmosphere.

Once the formal first dances, cake cuttings, and toast were complete, the party ready to kick-off. Jaxson once again was a fan of the local ladies and held his own while partying later than any normal child could handle.