Maryland Trip: Day 3 of 5

The "Big Day" was now less than 24-hours away, and the rehearsal dinner was scheduled for that night at the hotel. To start the day off right, the gang gathered at the local Corner Bakery, which I think we kept in business while we were there, for a good hearty breakfast to start the day off right.

Our little stud-muffin Jaxson, met himself a little girlfriend while at breakfast. The mom and dad were a nice couple from the DC area, and had a beautiful little girl that couldn't keep her eyes off of Jax. Somehow they guessed we were from Texas, must have been the plethera of Cowboys shirts and proud, yes I said proud, Mavs fans proudly showing the love for our team.

Once again, the boys spent the day teeing up the little white ball and celebrating Casey's last day as a bachelor and spending a hot Maryland day on a beautiful golf course. With a slight detour on the way home; actually, we got lost but we did see some beautiful countryside in Maryland, we finally made it back to the hotel in time to shower and freshen-up for dinner.

As with most rehearsal dinners, the emotions ran high, joy and happiness overtook everyone. Games were played, families mingled, speeches were giving, song were sung "roasting" Sam and Casey, and Jaxson was once again a trooper. He spend the night hanging out with Carson, playing some basketball with T.J., and trying to eat through the plastic wrapping of a Hershey's bar. What else could a kid ask for?