Maryland Trip: Day 2 of 5

Day two we awoke to a beautiful day in an absolutely gorgeous town. Gaithersburg has a shopping center that blows anything out of the water that we have around here. It is based on theory of the "small town" feeling in the middle of the busy city. With multiple restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, old school lamp post lining sidewalks paved with bricks, and a small man made lake that has an actual board walk and nature trails.

After an early morning round of golf with Casey, Papi, and Uncle Craig; the family headed for the initial rehearsal on Thursday night at the Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg. The mansion is an original home from a series of farms that use to exist, but have now been built on by developers. The developers have done and incredible job of preserving the last remaining home and the immediate surrounding property.

The setting was perfect for some quality camera time for Jaxson. The early evening sun and the picture perfect surroundings was a Norman Rockwell setting that begged for some pictures. Jaxson met his new friend, Carson, who is the nephew of Sam.

After a brief run-through, the group headed to Rio Grande (same as Uncle Julio's) for a laid back dinner full of meeting new faces and good conversation.