Happy 9-Months Bambino

Wish the kiddo could celebrate his 9-month birthday in a better way than going to the doc, but that's life sometimes. Poor little buddy has more things wrong with him right now then any kid should. All minor illnesses, ear infection with a side of wheezing and some type of mouth infection, but he will pull through.

Bambino has spent the last few nights coughing like a 60-year old trucker headed south on I-35 headed on his way to pick up a load of smokes. Hopefully with a little love from mom and dad and a good prescription from the doc, he will be okay in time for our trip to Glen Rose this weekend.

Thinking back 9-months, it is still a humbling thought to realize how far we have come since Sept. 11, 2006. Our lives have more love and happiness in them than I thought possible. Seeing Jaxson change and grow on a daily basis is incredible and a gift that I would never change. Everyday we wonder how can it get better than this having him, and then you wake up and see his big blue eyes and realize today is better than yesterday.

Jaxson, you truly do make each day better than the day before. You make us so happy and so proud, even in your young years.

Happy 9-Months Bambino. Mom and dad love you and want you to get better as quick as you can, we miss out healthy guy.