Maryland Trip: Day 1 of 5

With excitement in the air, and a sense of discovery and the beginning of a new life between two beautiful people just over the horizon ; Robyn, Jaxson, and I set off to Gaithersburg, Maryland to attend and be a part of the wedding of Casey and Sam. (For those unfamiliar with the extended family of Crayons and Keyboards, Casey is the oldest brother of Robyn, who has lived in Maryland for the last few years).

This was Jaxson's first time flying, so needless to say, we were all hoping we wouldn't be that young family on the plane with the crying kiddo. Any new parent feels sympathy for the crying kiddo and their family, but we all know that all the other people on the plane would rather hear finger nails down a blackboard then to hear a child cry for hours-on-end in the tiny confinements of a plane.

I am happy to say that our Little Bambino made us proud. He slept for about half the flight, and the other half he was entertained by the weird old man across the aisle who was having more fun playing with Jaxson than Jaxson was playing with him.

Once we were all on the ground, we headed for Baltimore and the Inner Harbor to grab a bite to eat and stretch our legs with an early evening stroll before heading towards Gaithersburg. I have never been to Baltimore before, and I was very impressed with the amount of people out walking and enjoying the beautiful early summer evening. The Inner Harbor is an area of Baltimore that incorporates the Chesapeake Bay into a great public open air mall with shopping, street performers, restaurants, and an incredible view of the skyline of Baltimore.
Day One was coming to a close, and we all knew that we needed our rest for the days ahead. So off to Gaithersburg we headed to check-in to the hotel and get a good nights rest.