Singing at the Ballpark

I think we found out where Jaxson acquired his singing voice.

Americana at Work

The "Great Bambino" (Babe Ruth) was once a Boston Red Sox, so what better way to spend Memorial Day weekend then taking the "Little Bambino" to watch our beloved, and struggling, Rangers take on the BoSox on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Jaxson favored better than the Rangers did, we lost 5-4. He managed to make it through the entire game this time, unlike our first attempt at a night game where we had to leave in the third inning, because it was past someone's bedtime, and he let us know.

Karla and Beckett Long joined us, since Beckett's daddy is a Bostonian, we figured this would be the first of many days spent with the boys at the ballpark. The little guys started out in good spirit; however, the excitement must have over-taken them because by the eighth inning, both were hitting homers and shagging flyballs in dreamland.

It was great way to spend a wonderful holiday. God bless all the troops and veterans that allow us the opportunities we have everyday as Americans, without you none of this would have been possible. God bless and come home safe.

A Little On The Sour Side of Life

What's the sour face look for????

A Weekend of Pics

Some shots from the few days spent with the family in NB. Even though I may be slightly biased, I think we got the cutest damn kids in the world.

At least we know they don't like to be in front of a camera.

"Um, dad, can I use your grill?"

Jax, get back in your chair and listen to the teacher.

Looks like Jaxson is casting an evil spell on Cody....

Hey Noah, where's the arc?

The little guy is a trooper and definitely deserves some treats after riding in the car for nearly 5 hours. The family left for New Braunfels to see the rest of the Wheat Clan on Friday afternoon, and endured a few hours of white-knuckle driving through rain storms that would make Noah jealous.

Sitting in a car seat for that extending period of time is not what I would consider a day at the park, but the Little Bambino was a good sport.

Let's just hope when he takes his first plane ride on Wednesday that his spirits are still in good swing.

Jaxson Sings the Blues


Finally, this semi-computer illiterate virtual author has figured out how to post a video clip to the blog. It has been right in front of me the whole time, but I just now saw the posting tab.

So, everyone can now sit back and relax and listen to the soothing tones of Jaxson.

Graced By Her Presence

With months, almost years, of planning, paperwork, waiting, hoping, and praying; Rick and Deena final got to meet Gracie for the first time.

Rick and Deena, Robyn's aunt and uncle, have done all the necessary up-front work and constantly answering the question that everyone has been asking, "So, when is Gracie getting here?" Now, they can finally say she is here.

With all this finally coming to a sweet close; Matt, you can finally become the big brother you have always wanted to become. Take care of your little sis, she will need you in the years ahead.

Two weeks ago Rick and Deena flew to China to meet their little girl and they returned home late last night (actually it was REALLY early this morning) and are now able to call her their own. Gracie is 9-months old, and to spare me from making mistakes with all the details, just click here to read up on Gracie and the adventures overseas.

Congratulation Rick and Deena. Gracie deserves a family that is as loving and genuine as you are, God could not have chosen a better home for her. Enjoy the new bundle of joy.

Pearl Snaps and Cowboy Boots


Nothing screams Texas like a pearl snap shirt and some good 'ol Justin boots. The little guy is dreaming of the day when he can slip on his first pair of boots and walk through fields and streams and explore like every boy should.

Frogs and bugs don't stand a chance with this little guy in a few years.

The Reason For Living

Robyn snapped this photo while I was out of town this weekend and I found it going through the photos before I head to work this morning.

I missed you guys terribly last weekend while I was out-of-town, and I am glad to be home. The best part about any trip is walking through the front door to see your two favorite people waiting on you, even if you were late.

Glad to be back home with you guys, hugs and kisses to both of you.

Green Toes Are Good, Right?

I can now post this entry now that Mother's Day has past.

Jaxson woke up Sunday morning and asked if he could paint a "Happy Mother's Day" sign to Boo and Mimi, of course we said yes. Any chance for daddy to play in paint is a chance he will jump on.

Not much to say, this is the sort of entry that the pictures do all the talking.

Cardboard Boxes and Ozarka Bottles

Children's sense of curiosity and imagination is what helps to keep this world spinning on it's axis. If it wasn't for children, the world would be empty of innocence and pure happiness. It is always a humbling to watch a young child, who is totally dependent on us, to play and find excitement in the littlest of objects.

For all the glitz, bells, whistles, and squeaky toys in the world; watching a small child enjoy the sound of vitamins in a bottle, water swooshing in a half full Ozark bottle, or watching them feel the various textures of a simple remote control - it just makes you smile. (All of the previous mentioned items have been Jaxson's favorite toys over the past few weeks. Eat your heart out Dora...)

No matter how great a toy manufacturer is, or how many studies they do on colors, children's play habits, or brain activity, no adult will ever be able to capture the pure imagination of a young child's mind.

Won't be long now, Jaxson and I will be hunkered down in our fort of cardboard boxes and pillow cases defending mom from all the wild indians coming to attack us across the great plains.
Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. - Carl Sagan

To All The Mummy's

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and grandmas.

Today is your day and you deserve every bit of respect and love that is possible. If it wasn't for you moms our faces would still be stuck like "that," we would be wearing dirty underwear when we go to the hospital, our mouths would be dirty since we would have never had them washed out with soap; and most importantly, we would never have had the opportunity to be treated like a king when the real royalty of the house was you, the Queen.

Enjoy your day and Happy Mother's Day.

P.S. - Jaxson was so tired from painting the picture, he had to take a nap. But he told me to tell each of you Happy Grandma Day.

Humming and Strumming

Maybe a look into the future musical career of Jaxson, but strumming the strings seemed to come natural to our little rockstar last night. Hopefully he didn't inherit the musical "gifts" that Robyn and I have, since our musical talents consist of making fart noises with our armpits and calling that a "classic."

Rock-on little buddy.

Enjoy It Now

5 Years from now, the kids will laugh at him for the "Faux-Hawk."

It's Naked Time

Robyn caught me bathing Jaxson in a way that is somewhat different from our typical routine. In order to reach a few hard to reach "spots," daddy had to jump with the boy and get a good angle.
This was all very entertaining to Robyn, as she just sat back, snapped some photos, and laughed.


I think he was comfortable.

Worlds Collide

Scrapbooking is slowly becoming an great American past-time that is almost extinct. Sure, you still have your groups of soccer moms that gather around their minivans and go on group outings to the local scrapbooking store and sit around and discuss how Johnny scored two goals today and whether or not their last loaf of banana nut bread was good or not - but for the most part, scrapbooks and photo albums are dwindling in numbers.

Blogging is my generations version of photo albums and scrapbooks. The number of blogs dedicated to kids and personal lives is at an exponential growth rate. Who can blame us bloggers, we can communicate to the whole world instantaneously what Susie did at school that day or how Jimmy managed to only cut-up one knee at the playground.

Not only is the ease of blogging worth it's wait in gold, but our pictures and entries are permanently saved in a virtual world that is much harder to loose and much less likely to get lost in a tragic home accident. With all this being said, the world of blogging and scrapbooking collided tonight.

Robyn sat down with the latest version of digital print-outs from our local Walgreen's and began sifting through 3 months of priceless memories.

I couldn't help but capturing the moment to add to my scrap book.

"Hey mom, watch this....."

Jaxson almost demonstrated how quickly a 21-pound child can do a back-flip out of a swinging chair. Luckily he stopped himself, but this was almost the picture just before the crying began....

So Many Choices, So Little Time

Jaxson is quickly entering the stage of curiosity and exploring. He is on the verge of crawling, if he can just learn to get that gut of his going in the right direction, gravity and momentum should do the rest. With that being said, he will grab anything that is withing his reach without tumbling head over heels.
While hunkering down and letting the storms pass tonight, he decided to explore the basket of toys we keep in the living room; also know as "Basket O' Fun." The colors and sounds are becoming familiar to him, and he definitely knows which toys he wants to play with and which ones are better left for the next kiddo that passes through.
Good news, the little guy isn't scared of thunderstorms like his daddy was when he was a kid. With the rain and thunder barrelling down on us, Jax hung with the best of us and let mother nature do her work.

By the way, I am over my fear of thunderstorms - I actually enjoy them now.