Americana at Work

The "Great Bambino" (Babe Ruth) was once a Boston Red Sox, so what better way to spend Memorial Day weekend then taking the "Little Bambino" to watch our beloved, and struggling, Rangers take on the BoSox on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Jaxson favored better than the Rangers did, we lost 5-4. He managed to make it through the entire game this time, unlike our first attempt at a night game where we had to leave in the third inning, because it was past someone's bedtime, and he let us know.

Karla and Beckett Long joined us, since Beckett's daddy is a Bostonian, we figured this would be the first of many days spent with the boys at the ballpark. The little guys started out in good spirit; however, the excitement must have over-taken them because by the eighth inning, both were hitting homers and shagging flyballs in dreamland.

It was great way to spend a wonderful holiday. God bless all the troops and veterans that allow us the opportunities we have everyday as Americans, without you none of this would have been possible. God bless and come home safe.


Christian Long said...

Corey -- Can you send me the series of photos you took at the Sox vs. Rangers game? Thanks! Christian