Graced By Her Presence

With months, almost years, of planning, paperwork, waiting, hoping, and praying; Rick and Deena final got to meet Gracie for the first time.

Rick and Deena, Robyn's aunt and uncle, have done all the necessary up-front work and constantly answering the question that everyone has been asking, "So, when is Gracie getting here?" Now, they can finally say she is here.

With all this finally coming to a sweet close; Matt, you can finally become the big brother you have always wanted to become. Take care of your little sis, she will need you in the years ahead.

Two weeks ago Rick and Deena flew to China to meet their little girl and they returned home late last night (actually it was REALLY early this morning) and are now able to call her their own. Gracie is 9-months old, and to spare me from making mistakes with all the details, just click here to read up on Gracie and the adventures overseas.

Congratulation Rick and Deena. Gracie deserves a family that is as loving and genuine as you are, God could not have chosen a better home for her. Enjoy the new bundle of joy.