Worlds Collide

Scrapbooking is slowly becoming an great American past-time that is almost extinct. Sure, you still have your groups of soccer moms that gather around their minivans and go on group outings to the local scrapbooking store and sit around and discuss how Johnny scored two goals today and whether or not their last loaf of banana nut bread was good or not - but for the most part, scrapbooks and photo albums are dwindling in numbers.

Blogging is my generations version of photo albums and scrapbooks. The number of blogs dedicated to kids and personal lives is at an exponential growth rate. Who can blame us bloggers, we can communicate to the whole world instantaneously what Susie did at school that day or how Jimmy managed to only cut-up one knee at the playground.

Not only is the ease of blogging worth it's wait in gold, but our pictures and entries are permanently saved in a virtual world that is much harder to loose and much less likely to get lost in a tragic home accident. With all this being said, the world of blogging and scrapbooking collided tonight.

Robyn sat down with the latest version of digital print-outs from our local Walgreen's and began sifting through 3 months of priceless memories.

I couldn't help but capturing the moment to add to my scrap book.