Cardboard Boxes and Ozarka Bottles

Children's sense of curiosity and imagination is what helps to keep this world spinning on it's axis. If it wasn't for children, the world would be empty of innocence and pure happiness. It is always a humbling to watch a young child, who is totally dependent on us, to play and find excitement in the littlest of objects.

For all the glitz, bells, whistles, and squeaky toys in the world; watching a small child enjoy the sound of vitamins in a bottle, water swooshing in a half full Ozark bottle, or watching them feel the various textures of a simple remote control - it just makes you smile. (All of the previous mentioned items have been Jaxson's favorite toys over the past few weeks. Eat your heart out Dora...)

No matter how great a toy manufacturer is, or how many studies they do on colors, children's play habits, or brain activity, no adult will ever be able to capture the pure imagination of a young child's mind.

Won't be long now, Jaxson and I will be hunkered down in our fort of cardboard boxes and pillow cases defending mom from all the wild indians coming to attack us across the great plains.
Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. - Carl Sagan