So Many Choices, So Little Time

Jaxson is quickly entering the stage of curiosity and exploring. He is on the verge of crawling, if he can just learn to get that gut of his going in the right direction, gravity and momentum should do the rest. With that being said, he will grab anything that is withing his reach without tumbling head over heels.
While hunkering down and letting the storms pass tonight, he decided to explore the basket of toys we keep in the living room; also know as "Basket O' Fun." The colors and sounds are becoming familiar to him, and he definitely knows which toys he wants to play with and which ones are better left for the next kiddo that passes through.
Good news, the little guy isn't scared of thunderstorms like his daddy was when he was a kid. With the rain and thunder barrelling down on us, Jax hung with the best of us and let mother nature do her work.

By the way, I am over my fear of thunderstorms - I actually enjoy them now.