Hoops, Kids, and Good Food

Long time friend and co-daddy Christian spent the evening at our house last night and brought his little pet monkey, Beckett. He isn't actually a monkey, but the way he likes to squirm, hang his head upside down, and the way he crawls all over his daddy - you would swear he and Curious George used to be buds.....

It was a joy to see the two boys connect again after a few months apart. There was definitely some type of communication and connection between the two. You can see the bonds already growing between the two, looks like many years of friendship down the road.

Jaxson is making huge strides in the mastery of sitting up right. I think Beckett taught him a few tricks last night, because today Jaxson seems to be much more at ease sitting up by himself and just enjoying the sounds, colors, and toys spread out across the room.

Good to see you boys again last night, and looking forward to the upcoming summer nights spent at The Ballpark in Arlington (I still can't make myself call it AmeriQuest Field - just not the same).
BTW - The Rangers are going to win it ALL in '07.