Run for H.A.N.K.

With the Fort Worth Police Department, and especially the Nava family holding a spot in our hearts and minds, Robyn, Jaxson, and I hit the pavement to raise money for the Helping Another Next of Kin (H.A.N.K.); a foundation that helps support the families of slain officers from the Fort Worth Police Department. Henry "Hank" Nava was shot serving a search warrant almost 18 months ago, and his wife Teresa started the foundation to help families that experience the same tragedy she did.

FWPD has a special place in my heart. My mother works with the FWPD on a daily basis at her office and also spends countless hours volunteering for DART and other miscellaneous organizations that helped to make Fort Worth one of the greatest cities. My mom is also very close to the Nava family and was a close personal friend of Hank. Giving to H.A.N.K. and the FWPD is the least that we can do.

God bless all the men and women in uniform, you keep our families safe and allow us to enjoy living our lives and not worrying about being safe. Stay safe and thank you all for doing what you love to do and not asking for anything in return.