Last Man Standing

What once was an endless supply of naturally produced food for our little buddy has now come to a bitter sweet ending. Tonight, March 30 2007, Jaxson will consume his last bottle of "Milk-o-Mom."

While Robyn has officially been done breast feeding for a few weeks now, the surplus in the freezer has occasionally been used in emergency situations or while momma was out of town. So, through this process, what have we learned? Following are a few discoveries that I have made over the past seven months.
  1. Every man, yes that means you, at some point will taste breast milk. Not sure if it Newton's 10th Law of motion, or just a sick game that our forefathers play on us, but at some point we as men will taste the milk. Mine came unassumingly one night while feeding Jaxson some cereal. Curious what it tasted like, my man curiosity got to me and I put a little bit on my tongue thinking the cereal was made with cow milk. Wrong. The next day when I told my lovely wife what I had done, she mentioned to me what the "recipe" for the cereal was. And that is how I discovered what Milk-o-Mom taste like.

  2. Breast milk really does produce happy and healthy babies. This is very evident in the two kiddos that I know best that spent their first few months of life getting their resources from momma. Beckett and Jaxson are two of the happiest, loving, and healthiest babies I have ever seen. Not sure if it is the bonding that takes place between mom and baby that produces this or maybe it is the natural chemistry make-up of the milk, or a combo of the two - but it really does produce beautiful babies.

  3. Last, but certainly not least is the theory of watching a boiling pot. We all know the saying, "A watched pot never boils," and this is so very true. When you are standing glaring at a bottle warmer at 2:15am wondering when the little orange light will turn off signaling to you that the milk is ready, it really feels like the next ice age will be here before the bottle is warm and ready to go. Never stand and watch, walk the kid around the house, solve the mystery of where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, or read War & Peace - anything that will be quicker than standing and waiting.

To all the new dads, soon to be dads, or any male that is someday planning to have kids - print these lessons learned out and put them away somewhere. You will be back and you will agree with all three.