A Day to Celebrate

Jaxson and Pops were able to share a special bond today. On this day 54 years ago, Pops was born and on this day 6 months ago, Jaxson was born.

Absolutely amazing that six months of our lives have already been blessed by our little buddy. Six months ago at this time I was working on 36 hours of no sleep, high on life, strung-out on adrenaline and cheap hospital coffee, blind to the world outside our hospital room, and oblivious to the beauty and humbleness that I was about to experience. Being a father is the absolute greatest single event a man can do in his life. Watching your child become their own personality, their own soul, and their own person is the greatest reality show that could ever be made.
God knew was he was doing when he made babies.

Watching my dad interact with my son today was a moment that is forever etched in my mind as one of my favorites. You never truly understand how much your parents sacrifice for you until you have to begin making sacrifices for your children. The funny part is, you don't mind doing it one bit. You love it.

Babies make tough men cry, big men small, strong men weak, and more than anything else - a child makes us all realize how lucky we are to be living in the world we live in.

Happy 6-Month Birthday Jaxson, and Happy 54 glorious years Pops.


Anonymous said...

there's that orange shirt again...what did i tell ya.

Kippy said...

Aww, Gar and Jax... too cute. I agree about the shirt. Come on Pops, how about a nice shade of MAROON?!