No, I Didn't Have Writer's Block....

It has been so long since I posted something, I almost forgot how to turn the computer on.

The last few weeks have been just under absolute craziness. With me trying to hit my deadlines for work, Robyn running Pampered Chef, and our little buddy having a horrible ear infection and a fever, I simply didn't have a good opportunity to sit down and write.

So, for all of you who are rolled up into a ball in the corner rocking back and forth and occasionally pounding your head against the wall, MANY post are coming....I will try and space them out over the next two days or so - all things in moderation are good.

Spending last weekend in New Braunfels with Chad, Jenn, Jaycee, and Cody was definitely a change of pace and a weekend away that the enitre Wheat clan needed and enjoyed. Jaycee turned the BIG 4 a few weeks back, so we threw her a princess party complete with castles, crowns, frilly girlly stuff, and a few frog's with lipstick on them, but they stayed frogs - no princes here.

Happy Birthday Booger, before you know it you will be turning 6 and wondering where your life has gone.