Kids Gone Wild

Beyond being a no-brainer place to take the kids on any given fair weather day, the Fort Worth Zoo celebrates Halloween each year with Boo At The Zoo.

With the Bambino's best buddies, Blake and Benjamin, in tow and little sister dragging behind; Robyn and Ben's momma Brooke tackled the zoo with just a little red wagon and lots of courage.

Four kids surrounded by chocolate, candy, and more activities could be a recipe for sensory overload; but the ladies pulled it off with only one child lost (just for a short time) and only one (okay maybe two) emotional breakdowns - by the kids, not the mommas.

Fall Festival Music Spectacular...?

As busy as our world, sometimes these little guys can put everything in perspective pretty easily.

On of the teachers at Jaxson & Belle's school taught the preschoolers songs and organized a nice event for all the parents and a few grandparents to stop in and smile for a few minutes.

Ms. Whitney - You did a fantastic job and enough Thank You's can't be said.

BTW- Jaxson is second row in the middle, black t-shirt.

Pumpkin Picking 101


Mr. Brown, Can We Come Play?

Good friend and dad to Jaxson's buddy Blake invited us over Saturday evening for some "let the kids run wild so they go to sleep quickly tonight" hang time.

It worked. A long walk to the park, so duck chasing, followed by some quick change costume happenings made for a quiet ride home.

I love it when a plan happens like you expect.

Yes Sir.


The Marshmallow Test

The Set-Up:

One four year old with one marshmallow on his plate. If he can wait three minutes, he gets two marshmallows.

Does he do it? Enjoy.

More about the test here.

And here.

Pumpkin Painting Plethora

Knee deep in pumpkin painting creativity for the kid's school contest. Proud of momma and her pumpkin painting skills.

Must. Win. Contest.

Papi, Blue, & Buddy


Fan Of These Fans


Start 'Em Young

One thing I never thought I would see but COULD NOT BE HAPPIER that it is happening is my Rangers making a run towards the World Series, and I get to enjoy with the kids in full Ranger swag.

Been a fan since I can remember.

Countless nights spent with fellow little leaguers (and the occasional boy scout outing) to the old Rangers Stadium; which is now a parking lot. Nothing like bleacher seats with coolers full of snacks and juice boxes.

Many nights spent outside at the house listening to the Rangers on radio with the entire family enjoying the warm summer nights. To this day, still a big fan of listening to the game on the radio...just something nostalgic that makes the game that much more intense and brings back great memories.

I Am Iron-Man


Do Pumpkins Sweat or Perspire?

When I think of a pumpkin patch in Autumn I think of cool weather, hay rides, maybe a cup of coffee or hot chocolate; however, in Texas we get 85 degree temperatures with snow cones and sweat stains.

Oh well, gotta make the best of the situation...

Water Garden Mist-ified


One Jeep, Two Ladies

Yep, that's how he rolls; literally.

A Friend Passes On

Certain events in our lives force us to step back and take a look at wher we are and where we want to be. Are we doing all we can to live out our lives to the fullest? The old cliche of live life to it's fullest every day really hit home for us last week.

Joy Brown, a friend of the mother of one of Jaxson's friends and former soccer teamates, suddenly passed away last weekend. At the age of 42, she had lived a great life but still had many years left with her two young children and husband.

So please, do all you can to enjoy our time here on earth and get the most out of every day. Dance when no one else is dancing, squeeze your loved ones just a little bit harder next time you hug, have that one extra scoop of ice cream, and never forgot that we only get one run at this life - so run hard.

Joy - you will be missed, but your family as large entourage of friends and family that will help to watch over Matt and the kids. If there is one person that I know who has the strength to pull through this is Matt. The Wheat's will do whatever we can whenever we can to help out.