Field of Dreams

Parking: $12
T-Shirts on "T-Shirt Tuesday": $4
Cotton Candy: $3.50
Taking your son to his first Rangers game: Priceless

Thanks to Christian, Karla, and Beckett for passing along some great seats to the Rangers game tonight. Jaxson was able to go to The Ballpark in Arlington to attend his first Rangers game. It was an absolutely beautiful evening for baseball, considering it was snowing 72 hours ago.

Outings to the ballpark have definitely changed since last year. Instead of downing a cold brewski before we head in, we now let the little guy slam down a bottle of formula to hold him through the game. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. He seemed to enjoy the sights and sounds, especially the lady a few rows back that started happy hour a little too early today, but hey, she kept him entertained for a few innings.

Heading back to the car, we couldn't help but stop at the Dr. Pepper Youth Ballpark and let the Little Bambino dream of one day stealing second, or throwing out his first runner. Oh the days that lay ahead are exciting and beautiful.

Welcome to the wonderful world of baseball Jax.