Network via Blogging

I am a sucker for blogs. Good or bad, it doesn't matter. Being a "part-time" blogger myself (which is basically a grown up version of a diary where the big kids don't laugh at you or beat you up), I enjoy searching the web looking for interesting blogs. Even if the material in the blog isn't great or down right sucks, the small idiosyncrasies that each blog has over the next keeps my curiosity flowing.

The only real way to find a good blog is to network from one blog to the next through links or, like in my case, "Blogs Worth Reading." Today, killing some time in between checking items off my to-do list, I came across Sweet Juniper.

Sweet Juniper is a nice mixture of photos, commentary, and links to interesting sites. I have to say I was entertained for some time going wondering through the different "categories" and discovering a little bit about this mysterious Juniper (sweet name by the way).

Who thought a lawyer from San Fransisco could be interesting......