The Marshmallow Test

The Set-Up:

One four year old with one marshmallow on his plate. If he can wait three minutes, he gets two marshmallows.

Does he do it? Enjoy.

More about the test here.

And here.


The Sutherlands said...

Dear Jaxson,

You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! There is No WAY Aunt T could have resisted the mallow!!! Good job, sweetie!

What a family full of wonderful children! Every day I feel blessed to get to share in your world, Jaxson! You and your sister light up my day! I LOVE to look at your life through the hard and diligent work that is this Blog!

Your mommy and daddy love you so much... and so does your Aunt T! I cannot WAIT to see you and Annabelle! Don't worry, Aunt T will have a little surprise for you and Annabelle when I see you!!!!! LoL!!!

Cheer on those Rangers!

Just a couple more weeks until I get to smooch you and your sister!

I love you,
Aunt T