A Friend Passes On

Certain events in our lives force us to step back and take a look at wher we are and where we want to be. Are we doing all we can to live out our lives to the fullest? The old cliche of live life to it's fullest every day really hit home for us last week.

Joy Brown, a friend of the mother of one of Jaxson's friends and former soccer teamates, suddenly passed away last weekend. At the age of 42, she had lived a great life but still had many years left with her two young children and husband.

So please, do all you can to enjoy our time here on earth and get the most out of every day. Dance when no one else is dancing, squeeze your loved ones just a little bit harder next time you hug, have that one extra scoop of ice cream, and never forgot that we only get one run at this life - so run hard.

Joy - you will be missed, but your family as large entourage of friends and family that will help to watch over Matt and the kids. If there is one person that I know who has the strength to pull through this is Matt. The Wheat's will do whatever we can whenever we can to help out.