Things a Dad Should Know..

Reading over a few of my personal favorite blogs, I came across a list, "72 Things a Dad Should Know." I figured, "Hey, I'm a dad, let me add my two-cents." So, here a few of my favorites plus some of my own.

1. Don't worry, your dad didn't know what he was doing, either.
7. Your child, at birth, already has a deeply complicated relationship with his mother, and, for the first year, you are only a curiosity.
9. Baby gas is lessened with a good nipple connection during feeding, which decreases air intake.
Assuring that his lower lip is flipped out, not pursed, helps.

16. Reason boys are better: They cannot get pregnant.
23. The first time you change your son's diaper and he pees all over you is not an accident. It's foreshadowing.
33. Overalls are not only cute, they provide a convenient handle.
39. Beware your child's uncles, who will teach your kid dirty words, introduce him to liquor, and give him gifts of drums, archery sets, and possibly matches.
61. Acceptable reading material: Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Curious George, and any of the following by Roald Dahl -- James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Danny the Champion of the World.
66. The harder they play, the earlier they sleep.
69. They never really outgrow the claw.
"No, Dad, no! Not the claw!" means "Apply the claw, please."

My Entries: (Place them in the lists where you feel acceptable)

* Pee-Pee Tee-Pee's are the most worthless baby accessory. If you have time to place a Tee-Pee on his Pee-Pee, then go rent a How-To video on diaper changing.
* No matter how many time you look at your son/daughter, you will love them more each time you look at them. I promise.
* You wife will be ten times as beautiful when she becomes a mom.
* Playing Mr. Mom for the first time will be nerve-racking and priceless at the same time.
* Christmas is not just for the kids, it allows adults to be kids again.

Last, but certainly not least:
* True love is not experienced unless you have held your child for the first time.

26 on the 26th!!!

Happy Birthday to Robbie!!!!

The gang gathered at Mama's Pizza in Arlington to celebrate a wonderful day for a wonderful person. We haven't had Mama's Pizza since we were in the hospital a few day after Jaxson's arrival, so it was hands down the place to go. Cold beer and hot pizza, mmmmm-mmmmm-buddy.

Today, Robyn turns 26 years young. I have known Robyn for almost 7 years, and every moment has been a blessing. She has taught me how to love life and how to enjoy life's moments as they come your way.

Happy Birthday to a beautiful women, a tremendous mom, a caring person, and my best friend.

(Jaxson told me to tell you Happy Birthday too; he was sleepy and needed his rest).

Someone Came Down the Chimney Last Night??

Jaxson woke this morning and wandered into the kitchen, and found his first Christmas morning experience of Santa. Robyn and I never heard anyone come in, and he even ate a cookie and had some of Jaxson's milk. He left Jaxson some new diapers, clothes, and some educational toys.

I wonder if reindeer really know how to fly??

Christmas Eve at the Wheat Residence

First time Robyn and I hosted for Christmas Eve; and I loved it. The sounds of children laughing and playing with toys just unwrapped. Glasses of eggnog, cookies, cake, and tamales - a staple of any Texas Christmas..

Snapped a few classic family portraits:

Now Jaxson's Stocking is Hung by the Chimney..

Hand made gifts are worth more than any monetary gift could ever be worth, especially when made with love and care. Aunty Esther delivered Jaxson's first stocking this past week, and I do have to say that she may have found her second career. Robyn and I were absolutely floored at the detail and time spent on his stocking.

For years to come, we will look at Jaxson's stocking and remember Esther and the love she has for our "Little Elf."

Thank you Esther.

The Tradition Continues....

As another year passes and we are mere hours away from Santa shimming down the chimney, the Wheat family continued our traditional dinner at Edelweiss in Fort Worth last night. For over 25 years, the entire Wheat and Chamber families have gathered at Edelweiss on Christmas Eve (or the day before if it falls on a Sunday), to connect back to our German roots at the best German restaurant in the area.

Bernhard is the owner, singer, and host for the evening. He will serenade you with traditional renditions of Blue Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and will also chime in with some traditional German carols and even the Happy Birthday tune if requested. Helga, the lady on the piano, will even play Silent Night on the saw, yes a saw, just like the one you would use to cut wood. Very Cool.

The thing about Edelweiss, if you don't want to have a good time, then don't show up. By the time the night is over, you will have done the Chicken Dance at your table, yell "YO!!" more times than you can count, and chime in with Bernhard when he sings.."And please drink more beer!!!" and chant Ziggy-Zagga-Ziggy-Zagga-hoi-hoi-hoi to a room full of strangers.
Jaxson joined us for his first Edelweiss experience, even though he isn't old enough to indulge in the Jagersnitzel, Keokee coffee, fried potatoes, or the darkest beer in Fort Worth; he was there to at least experience the atmosphere that is so unique to this diamond in the rough.

To all the members of my family that were not able to attend; we missed you, we love you, and have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas and a safe New Year.

To David and Dale - Craig, Chad, and I missed you boys at the dinner table. We raised a glass for you. Keep those fires under control and the families safe.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Sporting the New Threads

Jaxson would like to thank Jacob and Esther for this early Christmas presents. With one shopping day left (thank goodness) until Christmas, Jaxson asked if he could wear his new clothes shopping so he could impress the ladies.

Eat your heart out girls....

I Got Your Bow Right Here


In every kids life, there is the unavoidable fact that they will have their picture taken with a bow on their head. It is acceptable in our society, it is a fact of life. So, with that being said, here is Jaxson first ever "Bow Head" photo.

Vogue Photo Shoot

"Strike a pose, there's nothing to it; vogue."

I can't believe I just incorporated a Madonna song into my blog. I need help, or a drink - which ever comes first.

Lost in the Fluff


Don't you wish you could sleep in something that looked this comfortable??

Heads Up.


I think we are about to enter a whole new dimension in the next few weeks, and according to all the books, Jaxson is right on schedule with his growth and development.

We are days away from our little buddy having his first "rollover." He will assume his "swan-yoga" pose, but hasn't yet figured out how to get his momentum going in the proper direction. Lifting and turning his head while in this position has become easy, but we still haven't mastered the next step in the process.

Just a Little Snip.

Although, not his official first haircut (thanks to Uncle Michael for cutting his mullet off with me behind closed doors), Jaxson attended his first public pruning session.

Robyn and Mimi helped Jaxson look suave and distinguished by trimming the loose ends.

For the next haircut, I am thinking mowhawk with a lightining bolt shaved into the side of his head......maybe not.

My First Teddy


Thank you to the Mancil Family for the early Christmas present for Jaxson. If I recall correctly, this is his first official "Teddy Bear." Not only does it serve it's purpose as a teddy, he also doubles as a blanky.

Open up the bear's soft tummy, and out pops a blanket. Anytime, Anywhere.

Jaxson has begun to be very aware of his surroundings. Noticing familiar voices, sounds, smells and textures. He has also started to grasp items with purpose, and not just as something to hold onto while eating or "doing his business."
His favorite item to hold onto right now seems to be his teddy, who we will now refer to as "Buster the Bear." So, thank you again to the Mancil's, you can be the proud givers of Jaxson first security blanket.

Walk it Off......

Scars and dirt make a boy a man. They are going to get bruises, scraps, cuts; and blood will flow from a little boy more times than you could possibly imagine, and Jaxson is already making those statements true.

Just barely three months in, and Bambino already has two scars. (He makes his daddy so proud). Grant it, neither of them actually came from him doing anything; but, a scar is a scar.
The very first, came from other boys - imagine that. I went to pick up him up last week from Birdie's house, and the first words I hear when I walk through the door are..."Well, Jaxson got a scratch today, it didn't bleed long. Two of the boys were rough-housing next to him while I was feeding him and that scratched him, I'm so sorry." Sorry, what the hell for, you just made me proud. My boy is already learning how to defend himself. What doesn't kill you only makes your stronger - right?
The second war wound is a different story.

The most wonderful woman in the world (Robyn) was trimming the little guy's fingernails, all seemed well at the time. As the time passes we notice that Jaxson has been crying more than often, and just seems to be restless.......this is where it gets good.

I'm sitting in our room getting ready, and Robyn walks in with tears in her eyes....

"Oh my god, I cut him. He's bleeding, I hurt our little buddy!"

Well, in the heat of the moment, Robyn accidentally gave Jaxson his first full blown open wound. It wasn't bad, but from Robyn's reactions, you would have thought that she made Jaxson have nine digits instead of the normal ten. But, the little guy handled it like a trooper and walked-it-off after letting us know what we did to him. I am sure he will get us back some day.....
All is good back in Wheatville, wounds are healing and fingernails are once again growing.

3 Months and Still Kicking.

Hard to believe that my little buddy is already three months old. Seems like yesterday I was changing his diapers and sucking boogers out of his nose - oh, wait, I was doing that yesterday.

Happy 3-Month Birthday to my Little Bambino....

Like a Deer in Headlights


Parade of Lights

When I was little, I went to a few parades. I recall one in Fort Worth, one at Disney World, and I watched more than my fair share of Rose Bowl and Thanksgiving Day parades. This past Saturday night Jaxson, Robyn, and her family and myself went to downtown Arlington to see the Parade of Lights. There was a crisp in the air, children's laughter bouncing through the streets, and toothless bald middle aged men asking us if we would like to buy any Santa hats that light up....what a wonderful night.

It really was a nice little treat. The floats ranged from full-blown floats with lights and decorations, to BoyScouts on bicyles with battery powered light strands. Their was a rumor that some Cowboys were making an apperance, but I guess they were to busy preparing to whoop-up on the Giants. Since we now have sole possession of first place in our division; hey, NY - take a backseat on the Romo Bus of Love!!! (Actually, they did show up, but they were the real ones with horses and spurs).

So, the Little Bambino got his first parade experience, I didn't get suckered into buying anything, and we wound up having a good time. All is good.