The Tradition Continues....

As another year passes and we are mere hours away from Santa shimming down the chimney, the Wheat family continued our traditional dinner at Edelweiss in Fort Worth last night. For over 25 years, the entire Wheat and Chamber families have gathered at Edelweiss on Christmas Eve (or the day before if it falls on a Sunday), to connect back to our German roots at the best German restaurant in the area.

Bernhard is the owner, singer, and host for the evening. He will serenade you with traditional renditions of Blue Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and will also chime in with some traditional German carols and even the Happy Birthday tune if requested. Helga, the lady on the piano, will even play Silent Night on the saw, yes a saw, just like the one you would use to cut wood. Very Cool.

The thing about Edelweiss, if you don't want to have a good time, then don't show up. By the time the night is over, you will have done the Chicken Dance at your table, yell "YO!!" more times than you can count, and chime in with Bernhard when he sings.."And please drink more beer!!!" and chant Ziggy-Zagga-Ziggy-Zagga-hoi-hoi-hoi to a room full of strangers.
Jaxson joined us for his first Edelweiss experience, even though he isn't old enough to indulge in the Jagersnitzel, Keokee coffee, fried potatoes, or the darkest beer in Fort Worth; he was there to at least experience the atmosphere that is so unique to this diamond in the rough.

To all the members of my family that were not able to attend; we missed you, we love you, and have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas and a safe New Year.

To David and Dale - Craig, Chad, and I missed you boys at the dinner table. We raised a glass for you. Keep those fires under control and the families safe.

Merry Christmas to all!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I was doing great with not being home for Christmas and having to spend it with my other brothers, but then I saw this post...I wish I could have been there for that great meal!

Merry Christmas to all!!!