My First Teddy


Thank you to the Mancil Family for the early Christmas present for Jaxson. If I recall correctly, this is his first official "Teddy Bear." Not only does it serve it's purpose as a teddy, he also doubles as a blanky.

Open up the bear's soft tummy, and out pops a blanket. Anytime, Anywhere.

Jaxson has begun to be very aware of his surroundings. Noticing familiar voices, sounds, smells and textures. He has also started to grasp items with purpose, and not just as something to hold onto while eating or "doing his business."
His favorite item to hold onto right now seems to be his teddy, who we will now refer to as "Buster the Bear." So, thank you again to the Mancil's, you can be the proud givers of Jaxson first security blanket.