Walk it Off......

Scars and dirt make a boy a man. They are going to get bruises, scraps, cuts; and blood will flow from a little boy more times than you could possibly imagine, and Jaxson is already making those statements true.

Just barely three months in, and Bambino already has two scars. (He makes his daddy so proud). Grant it, neither of them actually came from him doing anything; but, a scar is a scar.
The very first, came from other boys - imagine that. I went to pick up him up last week from Birdie's house, and the first words I hear when I walk through the door are..."Well, Jaxson got a scratch today, it didn't bleed long. Two of the boys were rough-housing next to him while I was feeding him and that scratched him, I'm so sorry." Sorry, what the hell for, you just made me proud. My boy is already learning how to defend himself. What doesn't kill you only makes your stronger - right?
The second war wound is a different story.

The most wonderful woman in the world (Robyn) was trimming the little guy's fingernails, all seemed well at the time. As the time passes we notice that Jaxson has been crying more than often, and just seems to be restless.......this is where it gets good.

I'm sitting in our room getting ready, and Robyn walks in with tears in her eyes....

"Oh my god, I cut him. He's bleeding, I hurt our little buddy!"

Well, in the heat of the moment, Robyn accidentally gave Jaxson his first full blown open wound. It wasn't bad, but from Robyn's reactions, you would have thought that she made Jaxson have nine digits instead of the normal ten. But, the little guy handled it like a trooper and walked-it-off after letting us know what we did to him. I am sure he will get us back some day.....
All is good back in Wheatville, wounds are healing and fingernails are once again growing.


Mind The Gap said...

He seems a gangster now..he's a man :D (so sweet with teddy)..Take care