Bus Stop Buddies


And So It Begins...

Prior to having children, you always see/hear parents and their comments about the first day of school and you wonder how/why can it be so emotional.  It's just a day at school; right?

As a parent, even prior to seeing your kids head to school for the first day, you begin to understand the deep-rooted emotions of seeing your kids enter their educational adventure.

Jaxson has being going to "school" since he was an infant.  The thought of him headed off to be a true "schooler" never emotional affected me.  To me, it was just a small stepping stone one the pathway of life.  It's something you do.  You go to school.  You grow.  You change.  It's a fact of life that you can't stop.

Today the game changed.  Not in a sad emotional manner.  Much more than that.  The emotions that come with sending your child off to their first day of real school are deeper than a sadness.  It's pride.  It's hope.  It's fear of the unknown.  It's the questioning of yourself and your teachings.

Those countless talks and discussions to your child about manners, their attitude, their rights and wrongs - and why they were right or wrong, their individuality, their creative juices, their level of respect and how to gain and give it; everything comes into play that day they head off for class.

Everything matters and nothing matters at the same time.  This papa could not be prouder.

Princess Cycle Club

Not sure which I am more impressed with:

1.  Her ability to pull off the dare devil look, complete with the Mini Mouse costume, or
2.  Her ability to pull off the princess crown / helmet and still look cool.

High Rolling

On my calendar for months, has been the Frederick Clustered Spires High Wheel Race.  One only four races of this kind in the world, I was immediately hooked.

Some riders dressed the part, some dressed in modern attire, some rode new versions of old bikes, and one rider rode an original bike from 1891.

We weren't able to stay until the end due to a birthday party for our neighbors, but no doubt learned a lot about this unique group of riders.

With the race sponsored by a local craft beer brewing company and with the start/finish line in front of the brewery; some major sacrifices were made on my part.  

Pale Ale or Season Rye beer?  Touch choices had to be made.

Historical Ice Cream Social

Thursday evening free ice cream social...don't mind if we do.

Frederick embraces it's place in history.  It was a pivotal area during the Civil War and the local museums and historical societies take great pride in teaching the community the importance of their town.

Opening their doors, the Historical Society of Frederick County hosted a free ice cream social.  Free to get in.  Free ice cream until you sweated vanilla.



On Her Toes


Decisions, Decisions.


Me and My Lady


Miss Belle pulled off a great photo for a beginner.

Saturday Night Special

With our recent move to Jefferson, we are centrally located to some great little towns.  From our back patio, you can almost spit on Virginia and West Virginia.

We had a general idea of where we were headed Saturday night when we set off for dinner; Brunswick, Maryland for tacos and then head somewhere for ice cream.  Dinner was so-so and the ice cream was a welcome visitor it the hot-and-humid afternoon sun.  However, the best part of the evening was after the ice cream, which we found in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, was the impromptu hiking outing along the Potomac River and Appalachian Trail.

A little history, a little sight-seeing, a little train watching, and a little conversation with two hikers from Switzerland hiking the Appalachian Trail (headed north to Maine), made for a family evening that helps to but things in perspective.


Truly one of the most beautiful evenings we've had in a while.

Friendly Fish Fry


Bingo Game


Afternoon Ferris Wheel

Apparently, we had way more fun than the worker in the bottom right of this picture was having...

Photo Finish

Traveling carnival passed through Jefferson a few weeks ago; surprisingly keep date night for the family.

We couldn't get Belle to ride anything; however, Jax rode just about everything in sight and with a little pushing was up to challenging mamma to a race.

Robbie had no chance.

White Washed Wheats


Family Roots Re-Rooted

It still amazes me how after years of not seeing a family member or friend, you can meet them for dinner and pick up like you just saw them yesterday.

My oldest cousin, Dale, and his family are in DC for vacation and to see his younger brother David; thanks to a little coordination over Facebook we were able to meet for some good Mexican food in DC (yes, there are a few good Mexican spots up north).

Dale and his wife have known each other since elementary school, which I never knew until tonight, and they are two incredibly intelligent and thoughtful individuals - and Jackie's dad use to have THE most incredible train set you have ever seen - took up an entire garage and including mountains, water, moving parts...greatness to me when I was their son's age.

Great to be able to catch up for a few hours over dinner and reconnect with family.