And So It Begins...

Prior to having children, you always see/hear parents and their comments about the first day of school and you wonder how/why can it be so emotional.  It's just a day at school; right?

As a parent, even prior to seeing your kids head to school for the first day, you begin to understand the deep-rooted emotions of seeing your kids enter their educational adventure.

Jaxson has being going to "school" since he was an infant.  The thought of him headed off to be a true "schooler" never emotional affected me.  To me, it was just a small stepping stone one the pathway of life.  It's something you do.  You go to school.  You grow.  You change.  It's a fact of life that you can't stop.

Today the game changed.  Not in a sad emotional manner.  Much more than that.  The emotions that come with sending your child off to their first day of real school are deeper than a sadness.  It's pride.  It's hope.  It's fear of the unknown.  It's the questioning of yourself and your teachings.

Those countless talks and discussions to your child about manners, their attitude, their rights and wrongs - and why they were right or wrong, their individuality, their creative juices, their level of respect and how to gain and give it; everything comes into play that day they head off for class.

Everything matters and nothing matters at the same time.  This papa could not be prouder.