Family Roots Re-Rooted

It still amazes me how after years of not seeing a family member or friend, you can meet them for dinner and pick up like you just saw them yesterday.

My oldest cousin, Dale, and his family are in DC for vacation and to see his younger brother David; thanks to a little coordination over Facebook we were able to meet for some good Mexican food in DC (yes, there are a few good Mexican spots up north).

Dale and his wife have known each other since elementary school, which I never knew until tonight, and they are two incredibly intelligent and thoughtful individuals - and Jackie's dad use to have THE most incredible train set you have ever seen - took up an entire garage and including mountains, water, moving parts...greatness to me when I was their son's age.

Great to be able to catch up for a few hours over dinner and reconnect with family.


Boo's Basket said...

That is so great! Love it that you guys stay connected - when we are all so spread out!
What a great pic!!