Saturday Night Special

With our recent move to Jefferson, we are centrally located to some great little towns.  From our back patio, you can almost spit on Virginia and West Virginia.

We had a general idea of where we were headed Saturday night when we set off for dinner; Brunswick, Maryland for tacos and then head somewhere for ice cream.  Dinner was so-so and the ice cream was a welcome visitor it the hot-and-humid afternoon sun.  However, the best part of the evening was after the ice cream, which we found in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, was the impromptu hiking outing along the Potomac River and Appalachian Trail.

A little history, a little sight-seeing, a little train watching, and a little conversation with two hikers from Switzerland hiking the Appalachian Trail (headed north to Maine), made for a family evening that helps to but things in perspective.


Truly one of the most beautiful evenings we've had in a while.