Table Full Of Good Things


One More Christian Soldier

Sunday marked the baptism of Annabelle.

Amazing turn-out from our family and a testament to what family means. Beyond the symbology of her family standing behind her, having everyone on hand to witness a wonderful event makes any parent feel good about the future of their child.

It takes a village to raise a child, and I know that our village will be there anytime.

She's Ready For The Game. Are You?


Pele Has Nothing On This Kid

First game with The Strikers.

Not as smooth as we were hoping, but after about 10 minutes of discussion (begging), we finally got him to wear the 'special' jersey and stand in his 'house' to defend it against the ball.

He spent more time running around the goal and getting stuck in the net than he actually spent tending the goal - but you gotta start somewhere.
The best part of any young kids sporting event, the post game snacks.

A Walk To Remember

Father and son, Hand-in-hand, on our way to his first soccer game.

Something Fishy

An Arlington staple, Catfish Sam's.

When you need some dirty eatin' -this is the spot.

Piles of fried catfish, hush puppies, and a pitcher of our favorite adult beverage. Yum.

Tip Of The Old Hat


Rocket Scientist



Juicing It Up




Rhyme & Vines, The Second Year

Second year, of what has surely become a yearly tradition, of Jax and I traveling south for an extended weekend with Boo and Pops at Rhymes & Vines.
Three days of Texas Music, camping, new and old friends, and just some good time away from the daily grind.

This year a few of my good friends and their boys, all about the same age, joined us for the weekend. The three boys could not have been happier. Open fields, no noise control, and all the junk food and late nights a young boy could handle.

Super Time At His Super Party

Slightly overdue, but I finally got a few moments to document the Bambino's 3rd birthday party.
Despite the rain, family and friends made the day what it should be about. Lots of love from all around.Supporting his Super Man obsession, we decided that was the route to take the party. Funny seeing some of the same party themes I had growing up now being a part of his life. All things come full circle.
Thanks to Tiff and Christian for allowing me to borrow some photos from your blogs, i.e Jaxson at the table and Miss Belle in her outfit.

No Where But Up From Here

Simple but fantastic. Air powered rocket.
So simple, even a 6-month old can take part.

Let The Games Begin

Just received the following email from Jaxson's first soccer coach:

Hey Y’all, I’m very excited to be coaching the (insert team name here) this year. After talking to all of you, it sounds like we’re going to have a great group of kids and parents! Some of you have had kids in this program before and know what’s in store, for the new folks, if you’re expecting FC Dallas caliber soccer… well, you’re going to be disappointed. There’s going to be six of our kids on the field at one time, if all goes right, two of them will be chasing the ball, one will be crying near the sideline, two others will be looking at their shadows together, and the other one will be picking flowers (there’s always one of those, my daughter was the token flower picker the last three seasons). It’s ok though, we’re just wanting them to have some fun and burn some energy, Lord knows they need to burn some of that energy (so they’ll go to bed early)...

The soccer matches should make for some great blog post. Just a thought, but is it bad that I see my child's life as potential "blog post."

The first game isn't for a few weeks, but 'practice' starts next week - so I know we will have some classic photos posted...stay tuned.

Sharing The Moment


Birthday Wishes and Futball.


Not sure if the sugar high or the soccer ball made him smile. With his first soccer game a mere two weeks away, we need to get a kicking...

Happy Birthday, Let's Eat!!

Birthday lunch with Gracie and Momma at Chuck-E-Cheese:
Birthday dinner, just the four of us, at Pei-Wei. (The little guy loves edamame)

Gifts From Far Away

Friends and family from far and wide spoil the Bambino with gifts.

A sweet little Longhorn hat, homemade cards from Booger and Cody-Man, and a rockin' set of personalized trains from Kosta.
Thanks to all.

Three And Counting


Three years ago our world changed in a way we could not imagine. Three years ago your mom and I became full-blown-adults and born-again-children all in one day. Three years ago today, you showed me what it means to live.

Not sure where I would be without you. Not sure where I would be today. But I am sure that where we are is where we want to be.

The way you creep into our bedroom on the weekends to wake us up is the best alarm clock around.

The way you thank me for making your "baby-coffee" in the mornings is my morning pick-me-up.

The way you ask Momma, Annabelle, me to lay with you in bed is the best ending to any night time story.

Your our Little Buddy, our Bambino, our Jax, and our world.

Thanks for being you.

We love you and Happy Birthday.

With all our love,

Dad, Mom, and Annabelle.

Classroom Treats

The Bambino and Momma doing the "Rice Crispy Shuffle" in the kitchen preping for the classroom celebration.