Classroom Treats

The Bambino and Momma doing the "Rice Crispy Shuffle" in the kitchen preping for the classroom celebration.


The Sutherlands said...

Yay Jaxson!!! WE are so excited to celebrate with you this weekend!!!

The Sutherlands said...

Dear Jaxson,

I know that I already left a message, but I wanted you to get this one on your birthday.

You are so very special, buddy! I cannot believe how big you are... and you are so very smart and precious!

You are a very blessed little boy, with a HUGE family that loves you no matter what!

I love that we have been able to see you grow up in these pictures and with our many visits... I only wish we lived closer so we could see you more often!

I want to wish you a VERY happy birthday, little man! Aunt T loves you So, SO much, and I cannot wait to see you! Thank you for being you, for being the first, for being so loving and sweet and adorable! I love you!

See you Saturday!
Aunt T
Uncle J
and Gracelee