Let The Games Begin

Just received the following email from Jaxson's first soccer coach:

Hey Y’all, I’m very excited to be coaching the (insert team name here) this year. After talking to all of you, it sounds like we’re going to have a great group of kids and parents! Some of you have had kids in this program before and know what’s in store, for the new folks, if you’re expecting FC Dallas caliber soccer… well, you’re going to be disappointed. There’s going to be six of our kids on the field at one time, if all goes right, two of them will be chasing the ball, one will be crying near the sideline, two others will be looking at their shadows together, and the other one will be picking flowers (there’s always one of those, my daughter was the token flower picker the last three seasons). It’s ok though, we’re just wanting them to have some fun and burn some energy, Lord knows they need to burn some of that energy (so they’ll go to bed early)...

The soccer matches should make for some great blog post. Just a thought, but is it bad that I see my child's life as potential "blog post."

The first game isn't for a few weeks, but 'practice' starts next week - so I know we will have some classic photos posted...stay tuned.