Three Generations; One Backstage

The two Wheat boys decided to join Boo and Pops for a weekend of camping and Texas Music.

Twice a year, Pops ventures out into the sticks and occasionally we join the ride. With momma out of town for a childhood friend's wedding, we couldn't turn down a family weekend together with the grandparents.

Throw in some outdoor cooking, a dose of friendly Texas folks, a pinch of live music, stir in some Boo and Pops, and top-it-off with satellite TV so you don't miss the Horn's game; and you get yourself a big 'ole batch of fun.
Long time friend and band leader, Cody Gill, hooked us up with some backstage passes for the big show on Saturday night. All three generations took in some great live music, free food, and free drinks (big smile from this kid).

With Boo taking the kiddo and hitting the horizontal sleeping position early (a big thanks goes out to you for that), Pops and I were able to hang and hear some tunes with a great view.

All in all, a great night and a great time; especially when you look this freaking cool drinking chocolate milk at 6pm.