Crinkled Toes


Summer Evening Happenings

When the sun loosens it's death grip on us here in Texas, usually around 7pm or so, being outside is almost bearable. (it helps to have some 'nectar' to beat the heat)
As the 'heat demon' began to hide behind the house, Bambino was able to take his artistic gifts to the sidewalk. FYI - drawings are not by Jax. He's good, but he ain't that good.

Next on the agenda was to do a little space planning on the patio with his Alvar Aalto style bent plywood stools. Could it be possible we are seeing the makings of the next great designer of our times...?
Impressing the ladies with his wisdom.

Trouble following trouble...

Escape Artist Series


Yo,Cat. What's Up.

Ratatouille was lucky this time, the kitty cat was fed some fresh bread. Next time mousy boy -it will be you.

Just Like The French Do It, But In Texas

Although la Madeleine is a chain restaurant, and we avoid those as much as possible, they do have great food for a Sunday morning brunch while waiting for the barber shop to open. $1.99 for a mini-parfait and some quality time with the kiddo in a surprisingly uncrowded joint, can't beat it.

I'll Take Two Of Those Shiny Red Boxes

What do two boys do when momma has to work on a Sunday afternoon? Hardware store. No doubt.

Shopping for some grass seeds and yard bags, we just couldn't help ourselves but to wander up and down every aisle, grazing like two cows in a field. Like a women in a shoe store, men just can't help themselves in a good mom and pop tool shop, and always end buying more than you anticipated going in. Got help the local economy in these tough times...

Happy as a kid in a candy store. I feel the same way kid.



The Girl Next Door

Every boy dreams of the hometown girl next door. Maybe our boy has found his.

The Ties That Bind

The better half of my parents child rendering years was able to spend the weekend with us, and he brought the little tykes along to have some good 'ol times.

Since the water guns broke out, and we are in Texas. I figured all the kids needed criminal names to go by, just like in the old west days. You know, just in case they need to hide from the law.

This one, well, they call him Pistol Packing Pete:

This little guy goes by Wrong Way Willie:
And this little lady, well, she is known around these parts as Fast Draw Frannie.

$100 reward for any anonymous calls that lead to their arrest and conviction.

Random Kid With Great Last Name


Dreamin' Big League Style


The Cat's Meow

Beyond the cowboy hats, oil wells, and miles and miles of ranches; Fort Worth also happens to house one of the top minor league baseball teams in the country.
League champions for the past three seasons, the Fort Worth Cats have a long legacy in Fort Worth. Historic LeGrave Field has been in these parts for generations, and the resurgence of the Cats over the last few years has added yet another bonus to our city.

Beckett, Momma Beckett and Daddy Beckett helped kick start Father's Day the right way, with an evening of tailgate sitting and baseball watching. Just like any dad would want.

A welcome sight upon our arrival - The San Diego Chicken.

The boys lead the way to the park.

Power struggle for the all-mighty stroller.

A proud dad.

Published Manliness.

With Dad's Day around the corner it is natural to start touching on the subject of fatherhood and what it means to us dads and our dads.

One of the many blogs that I follow, The Art of Manliness, is a great site for men. It is basically a blended version of fashion, what being a man means, and various lessons learned and tid-bits of information. A variable plethora of information for us dudes. Anyways, a few days ago they asked for comments as to what your dad taught you growing up and then they would publish the for all to read. I got two post in. Following are a few blurbs from what I wrote that my dad taught my brother and I growing up.

On Manning Up:
“Never start a fight, but if someone starts one with you, kick their ass and deal with the consequences later. It will teach them a lesson and show everyone that you are not one to push - because you will push back harder.”

Balancing Work and Family:
"My father owned his own pharmacy for about 6 years, between my ages of 11 to 17. Many weeks he worked a minimum of 60 hours, leaving before the sun came up and always coming home late. However; in all of that, he would always make it to any sporting event or extra-curricular activity that was possible. Never complaining of how tired he was, just showing how proud he was of me and my brother. That to me, showed not only how you can balance a career and a family, while remaining successful, but also showed me that hard work and a pure work ethic will take you where you want to be in life."
Thanks Pops for these life lessons, they will definitely be passed on to the next generations.

Boys Will Be Boys


FYI: Not my son, but I would proud if it was. Just look at the angle that kid can manage, very impressive.

Saturday Evening Stroll


Finding his happy place.

Land of Fun, Chuck E. Style.

In the years to come, I know we will have our fair share of birthday/teeball parties at Chuck E. Cheese, but we didn't have anything better to do on Friday evening; so we entered the depths of sticky-fingered, slobbering toddler, mass produced pizza, and dirty token-finger land.

Few thing have changed at Chuck E's place. There is still an over-sized rat running around with kids following. There is still the processed cheese pizzas that flow from the kitchen like water in a creek, and there is still the ever popular action of pulling just one more ticket out of the machine after your skee-ball game (the trick is to go slow while pulling your tickets out, you'll always get one more out of the machine).

However, to my amazement, the staple of Chuck E. Cheese is gone. The freaking ball pit. How the hell are you suppose to have fun as a kid with no ball pit. Yes, it may be a pool of kid urine, slobber, and half-chewed pizza; but it is the freaking ball pit. You suck Chuck E.

We did manage to squeeze in a plethora of skee-ball, which my kid just figured why stressing your self out about rolling the balls, when you can just walk up the runway and put them in the holes. Make sense to me.

Knock, Knock.

I guess no one was home.

El Gringo!!!


Just one more, and we got "Three Amigos."

Yard Rat


Inspired Me.

Don't ever tell your kids or yourself that you can't do something becuase you thinK you are at a 'disadvantage.'

If Adam Bender would have thought that, he would never have inspired me.

Kids are amazing.

Men and Bathtubs

Each family has a routine. Inevitably that routine changes, but for extended periods of time, we all have our routines that we enjoy. It makes us comfortable, humans like comfort; therefore, our routines keep us happy.

Our household routine at night goes something like this: Dinner, Dad cleans kitchen while mom gives the dirty kid in the house a bath, play-time, milk, story, bed. Easy enough.

Occasionally, for whatever reason, we stray from the simplicity of this routine. Tonight was one of those occasions. I got home late from work, Robyn had dinner all set to go, so I took the bath duty.

Normally, when you get two boys/men in the bathroom together - bad things happen. Unmentionables followed up with explanations. It just happens.

So, as son and dad are enjoying each others company over some suds (bubble bath suds) and discussing the joy of world politics and whether or not the rubber ducky enjoys being stereotyped; Robyn breaks the silence with buckets of water.

Then all hell breaks loose.

So much for men being the problem in the bathroom.

Oh, Yard Boy...


Floatin' Into Summer

With summer knocking down our back door, we just had to bring it in with style with a round of beers for the family. To keep all the CPS agents at bay, we opted for root beer with some vanilla ice cream, and let the Little Bambino tackle his first Root Beer float.

Anxiously awaiting momma to finish.

Still waiting for momma to finish.

Suds and cream.

Enjoying it all.

Jaxson's Parlor

Who knew, the kid had his own ice cream shop - complete with soda jerks and a walk-up window.
With ice cream the size of a baby's head, what fat kid couldn't resist trying to tackle the whole thing...