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With Dad's Day around the corner it is natural to start touching on the subject of fatherhood and what it means to us dads and our dads.

One of the many blogs that I follow, The Art of Manliness, is a great site for men. It is basically a blended version of fashion, what being a man means, and various lessons learned and tid-bits of information. A variable plethora of information for us dudes. Anyways, a few days ago they asked for comments as to what your dad taught you growing up and then they would publish the for all to read. I got two post in. Following are a few blurbs from what I wrote that my dad taught my brother and I growing up.

On Manning Up:
“Never start a fight, but if someone starts one with you, kick their ass and deal with the consequences later. It will teach them a lesson and show everyone that you are not one to push - because you will push back harder.”

Balancing Work and Family:
"My father owned his own pharmacy for about 6 years, between my ages of 11 to 17. Many weeks he worked a minimum of 60 hours, leaving before the sun came up and always coming home late. However; in all of that, he would always make it to any sporting event or extra-curricular activity that was possible. Never complaining of how tired he was, just showing how proud he was of me and my brother. That to me, showed not only how you can balance a career and a family, while remaining successful, but also showed me that hard work and a pure work ethic will take you where you want to be in life."
Thanks Pops for these life lessons, they will definitely be passed on to the next generations.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish Corey Happy Father's DAY!!!!
Jacob and Esther