Men and Bathtubs

Each family has a routine. Inevitably that routine changes, but for extended periods of time, we all have our routines that we enjoy. It makes us comfortable, humans like comfort; therefore, our routines keep us happy.

Our household routine at night goes something like this: Dinner, Dad cleans kitchen while mom gives the dirty kid in the house a bath, play-time, milk, story, bed. Easy enough.

Occasionally, for whatever reason, we stray from the simplicity of this routine. Tonight was one of those occasions. I got home late from work, Robyn had dinner all set to go, so I took the bath duty.

Normally, when you get two boys/men in the bathroom together - bad things happen. Unmentionables followed up with explanations. It just happens.

So, as son and dad are enjoying each others company over some suds (bubble bath suds) and discussing the joy of world politics and whether or not the rubber ducky enjoys being stereotyped; Robyn breaks the silence with buckets of water.

Then all hell breaks loose.

So much for men being the problem in the bathroom.