Land of Fun, Chuck E. Style.

In the years to come, I know we will have our fair share of birthday/teeball parties at Chuck E. Cheese, but we didn't have anything better to do on Friday evening; so we entered the depths of sticky-fingered, slobbering toddler, mass produced pizza, and dirty token-finger land.

Few thing have changed at Chuck E's place. There is still an over-sized rat running around with kids following. There is still the processed cheese pizzas that flow from the kitchen like water in a creek, and there is still the ever popular action of pulling just one more ticket out of the machine after your skee-ball game (the trick is to go slow while pulling your tickets out, you'll always get one more out of the machine).

However, to my amazement, the staple of Chuck E. Cheese is gone. The freaking ball pit. How the hell are you suppose to have fun as a kid with no ball pit. Yes, it may be a pool of kid urine, slobber, and half-chewed pizza; but it is the freaking ball pit. You suck Chuck E.

We did manage to squeeze in a plethora of skee-ball, which my kid just figured why stressing your self out about rolling the balls, when you can just walk up the runway and put them in the holes. Make sense to me.


The Sutherlands said...

way to go Jax!!!! That's a way to take it to the man!!!! That was tooooooo precious!
Love you!
Aunt T and Unlce J