Weekend of Family, Football, Food, and Fun

A huge "Thank You," to Chad, Jenn, Jaycee, and Cody for hosting us on Friday night. It was definitely a short and sweet trip to New Braunfels, but worth it in the end.

The dinner was tremendous (thanks Boo for the great sweet potatoes and Pops for the fried turkey), the football games were great to watch (much to the demise of the women) and the time was priceless.

Jax and Chad enjoying the pitiful Texas/Texas A&M game. Damn Aggies.

Deep Thoughts by Jaxson Wheat

Still showing pride, even after a defeat.

Boo with the grandkids.
Cody will be an actor some day, at this moment he is practicing his circa 1973 football coach. (notice the brown shorts with baby blue trim)


Kippy said...

Rebuilding? Rankings? BAH! Gig 'em Aggies! Glad y'all had a nice holiday, anyway.