Check YES or NO

Politics are not my strong suit by any means; however, I do try and stay informed on the major issues - especially in my community. I believe that if you have the privilege to vote, you should. We are lucky to have that opportunity in our country, therefore we should not take it lightly.

Jaxson had a cold today, and needed to stay home from school - so I had Mr. Mom duties. It all worked out well because it gave us the chance to head up to the elementary school down the street to cast our votes in this year's local elections. To be honest, a few items on the ballot were mysteries to me, but I did the best I could at deciphering the proposition explanations.

Part of being a successful parent, is showing your children that you have pride in your neighborhood, your surrounding communities, and your country. I know Jaxson didn't understand the signifigance, but today was hopefully just a small step in his long journey of growing up to be a leader and a successful individual.