Thank Goodness He Looks Like His Momma


"Hairstyling 101"

In the past few weeks, Jaxson has really begun to grow a head of hair that most men dream about. It took a while, but now that the beans have sprouted, you can see a change daily. He is beginning to look more and more like a child, and less like a baby. It is amazing to watch the transformation. Both Robyn and I said it looked liked he had grown when we saw him this afternoon compared to when I dropped him off at Birdie's (his school teacher for those that don't remember the early days of blogging) this morning. Not sure if it was the hair that threw us off, or the fact that it looked like he had grown a few inches and added a few pounds. Maybe Birdie is feeding the kiddo's meat and potatoes instead of formula and "1st Foods" from Gerber.

So, with all this hair growing, we couldn't help but try out a few styles and see the varying personalities and attitudes for our Little Bambino.

Mr. Business, "Let's make a deal."

So, like where's the party buddies.

"You know, Albert Einstein had hair like this."

"Well, the market seems to be increasing, but I would keep the trend of buy low, sell high."

The Day In Pictures

Jaxson loves these guys....

"I need some testosterone, too much estrogen for me."

"Oh geez Boo, must you do this in front of all these girls??"

"Dad, put the freaking camera down, please - I beg you."

Mr. and Mrs. Sumpter

Congrats to Jacob and Esther on your new life as a family. On April 21, Jacob and Esther were married at the Lena Pope Home in Fort Worth in a beautiful ceremony where the love and respect between the two showed and was so profound that everyone, even Father Todd, was moved during the ceremony. Seeing two people that obviously love each other unite in marriage is one of life's little moments and gifts that are just too beautiful to try and put into words.

The passing of Kleenexes between the two was absolutely perfect, and only added to the joy that
was felt in the church.
After the wedding we all headed to the reception that was held in a small renovated church directly across the street from Joe T. Garcia's, a staple in the wonderful atmosphere of Fort Worth. With dancing, laughing, and a few salude's that were heard through the crowds, J&E began their new live in a wonderful way.

Congrats to each of you again, we all love you and we hope you are enjoying the beaches of Jamaica.

Field of Dreams

Parking: $12
T-Shirts on "T-Shirt Tuesday": $4
Cotton Candy: $3.50
Taking your son to his first Rangers game: Priceless

Thanks to Christian, Karla, and Beckett for passing along some great seats to the Rangers game tonight. Jaxson was able to go to The Ballpark in Arlington to attend his first Rangers game. It was an absolutely beautiful evening for baseball, considering it was snowing 72 hours ago.

Outings to the ballpark have definitely changed since last year. Instead of downing a cold brewski before we head in, we now let the little guy slam down a bottle of formula to hold him through the game. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. He seemed to enjoy the sights and sounds, especially the lady a few rows back that started happy hour a little too early today, but hey, she kept him entertained for a few innings.

Heading back to the car, we couldn't help but stop at the Dr. Pepper Youth Ballpark and let the Little Bambino dream of one day stealing second, or throwing out his first runner. Oh the days that lay ahead are exciting and beautiful.

Welcome to the wonderful world of baseball Jax.

Jax the Friendly Ghost

I think this kiddo is about as far from scary as you can get. What is scary, is how much our little bambino is growing. Not only is he beginning to understand "peek-a-boo" and reaching to pull of what ever is hiding him, but he is almost to the point where he can old his own bottle.

He amazes me everyday and my day lights-up each morning when he smiles his first smile, giggles from his belly, and when he and momma drift off into dream world together. I wish I could get into that head of his and see what he is dreaming. He looks like an angel and you can just feel the innocence and peacefulness when you watch your own child sleep.

They say that time flies when you are having fun, and if you can believe it, Jaxson turns 7 months old tomorrow.......

Happy Easter

To all our wonderful families and friends who are a part of this blog and make posting fun, Happy Easter and we love you all.

This rabbit wasn't in Wonderland

Sorry Alice, but this rabbit is in our world.

We awoke this morning to same strange pawprints left in our entry way by what looks to be a rabbit. Even stranger, he left some gifts and eggs for our little bambino.

Poor little guy, must have thought the eggs that were left were from the Cadburry Bunny, but these were just plastic - no creepy egg-look-a-like center that is basically a massed produced "sugar bomb."

Bluebonnets and Baseball

What better way to ring in Easter weekend on Good Friday than Jaxson dawning his baseball jersey and sitting in a patch of bluebonnets. Truly one of the great traditions along Texas highways and rest stops, is plopping the kids in the bluest of blue flowers and snapping their first experience with the state flower. I don't think we could have picked a more appropriate and picturesque "Texas" flower scene, with the bluebonnets, warm sunshine, and a rusted steel pipe fence in the background.

"Ride little horsey..."


Not sure if we have a future bull rider or bronc rider in the family, but Jaxson held on for more than eight seconds when Megan gave Jaxson a ride on her knees. He must be a natural, he just laughed at her and begged for more.

Network via Blogging

I am a sucker for blogs. Good or bad, it doesn't matter. Being a "part-time" blogger myself (which is basically a grown up version of a diary where the big kids don't laugh at you or beat you up), I enjoy searching the web looking for interesting blogs. Even if the material in the blog isn't great or down right sucks, the small idiosyncrasies that each blog has over the next keeps my curiosity flowing.

The only real way to find a good blog is to network from one blog to the next through links or, like in my case, "Blogs Worth Reading." Today, killing some time in between checking items off my to-do list, I came across Sweet Juniper.

Sweet Juniper is a nice mixture of photos, commentary, and links to interesting sites. I have to say I was entertained for some time going wondering through the different "categories" and discovering a little bit about this mysterious Juniper (sweet name by the way).

Who thought a lawyer from San Fransisco could be interesting......

Cuirous About His Dreams

Robyn snagged this photo, and I have to say it has moved up in the ranks as one of my favorite. Jaxson has taken a real liking to Curious George. Not sure if it is because they kinda look the same, or if he is just a "curious" boy, and this is only foreshadowing of the mischief that our little buddy will be getting into in the near future.

All I ask is that you don't swing from any tree limbs or light poles until you are at least 2 years old.

Everybody in th pool....

On the way home Saturday, we decided to make a quick stop at the Fort Worth Water Gardens to see the new renovations and experience this little gem in Fort Worth.

With the tragedy that happened there a few years ago, the city has done a fabulous job of integrating a memorial for the people that lost their lives, while not taking away from the design that Phillip Johnson designed a few decades back. The sun was out and the water was running, and the photo opportunities were endless.