The World is Flat.

Technology is amazing, truly amazing.

Now that cell phones run our lives, and if you don't believe me, leave your phone off and out of sight for an entire day and see how "naked" you feel all day long. Our societies dependency on technology is an entirely new concept that 10 years ago was unheard of. Ten years ago the most technology most people had was a pager or maybe a phone that came in a bigger-than-life carrying case that required a battery the size of a small baby.

Curious as to where this rave is coming from, let me explain.

Last week I was at UTA for a presentation to the grad students, and I ran into some old college friends that I have not seen since Jaxson was born. Instead of asking me if I had any photos in my wallet she could see; she asked me if I had any pictures on my phone.

The phone has replaced the wallet as a man's place to store his photos? If you think about it, that is a profound switch in the way we think as people and the way in which we interact with one another on a technological approach. The phone has once again taking on another aspect of our daily lives.