What's For Dinner?

With Robyn taking on a new role as a Pampered Chef consultant, Jaxson thought he could lend a helping hand in the cooking for the evening. Mommy and daddy wouldn't let the little guy handle any of the sharp tools, but we did let him chew on the recipes - somebody had to do the taste testing, even if it was just paper.

The little guy, in the past few days, has really begun to pay attention to what is going on his world. As he swings in his chair, he simply waits for one of us to walk by so he can stare us down and give us just enough of a whimper to make us feel guilty enough to come pick him up. The young man sure does know how to melt our hearts by staring at us with those big blue eyes.

In the least, the landscape at the dinner table has taken on a whole new look.