Onward Christian Soldiers...

Besides Jaxson's actual birthday and maybe his wedding, I believe that his baptism today is one of the most influential days in his life. Robyn and I have set the foundation for our little buddy to grow up in a loving home that believes in hard work, good times, strong faith, and loving hearts.

Our parents set the foundation for us, all we can do is hope we can do as good a job as they did. Days like today will make anyone humble. The love and support that our families showed today, by being present at Jaxson's baptism, is more than any parent could ask for. I know that all of our grandparents that have passed on, my Mamaw and Papaw and GeeGee and Robyn's Siti and Pops, were looking down on us today and had a simple smile on their faces knowing that the legacy of their families had just taking one more step in the right direction.

Thank you to everyone for their generosity, support, gifts, thoughts, prayers, and sacrifices you made for us in the past and this weekend. We love you all and the little guy says "Thanks."