New Doctor, New Treatment

I have always believed that change is good, and with Jaxson still holding onto his cough that has been lingering for weeks now, Robyn and I decided to try a new doctor.

Not sure what finally pushed us over the edge. Maybe it was the countless coughing attacks that Jaxson had to experience, maybe it was the multiple ear infections that were not going away, or maybe it was the parental instincts that we just didn't feel comfortable at the other doctor.

Nothing personal against our last doctor, but something just didn't feel right. So, we went with a hunch and went to see Doctor Stacey Gibson-Hull, and man, what a difference. From the moment we walked in to the office, you could just feel the happiness in her office. Maybe it was the architect in me that enjoyed the design of the hospital or maybe it was the hand painted fairy tale stories from wall to wall, or it could have been the smile on the doctor's face.

Never before have a felt so comfortable with a doctor on our first visit. She is a very personable person that Robyn and I both connected with from the initial meeting.

With all that being said, within 5 minutes of being in the office Doctor Hull had prescribed Jaxson with a nebulizer with albuterol. If your not sure what that is, let me explain. A nebulizer is a breathing treatment machine that omits fine mist - basically a big inhaler that helps the little guy breath easier. The contraption looks scary, but it is heaven sent. Not sure how long we will have to keep up the routine of breathing treatments every 4 hours, but the doctor said if he isn't better by Monday, to come back in and we will take the next step.

Thanks again doc.