Where's My 401(k)?


"Geez, I'm not even 6-months old yet, and dad already made me start a day job."

Sunday Dreamin'

Sunday will always be my favorite day of the week. Hiding under the covers and extra hour, sunshine peeking through the blinds, birds chirping just outside the window, smell of coffee brewing sneaking it's way into our room, and the sound of golf in the background.

What a way to start the day.

With a busy week behind us and another busy week peeking his head around the corner, it is nice for the family to be together again. Robyn returning from Chicago was a big sigh of relief for this proud pappa and husband. Not that I couldn't handle the little guy, he was an absolute angel and I enjoyed every minute of hanging with my boy - but it is always nice when all your chicks are back home in the nest.

Froggy and the Boys.

During playtime, Jaxson and I played with Froggy. Froggy didn't have much to say, mostly he sang us lullabies and told us what color the shapes were on his chest.

Jaxson must have got sick of it, because he took Froggy down and made him yell "Uncle."

A little therapy and some rehab, and Froggy should make a full recovery.

Ring the Dinner Bell

Something about men and their food.

Just like all the great men that have come before our Little Bambino, he loves to sit down to a good meal. The boys had dinner tonight. I had chicken and some fruit, Jaxson had his favorite - applesauce.

Still working on the concept of getting all the food into the mouth at the same time, but hey, you gotta take baby steps in life sometimes.

Learning Through Osmosis.

Some people may think we were taking a nap during the final round of the Nissan Open on Sunday while Phil Mickelson and Charles Howe III dueled it out in a three hole playoff - but we are actually learning through osmosis and all the knowledge is sinking into our heads.

Tap, tap, tap-a-roo......

Call Me Nova....Casanova.


Hey Robbie, Don't Let Your Arms Get Tired..

As Robyn sets to depart to Chicago for the next few days, the boys want to wish her safe travels and to tell her we love her and can't wait for Friday to get here.

Looks like our little buddy is already grabbing a globe, spinning it, and deciding were his travels will take him some day. (Hopefully to Augusta, Georgia to play in the Masters someday, or maybe Pebble Beach...wink, wink.)

Be safe. Hurry home, and eat lots of pizza.

Um, Excuse Me, Is There Someting On My Back?


Onward Christian Soldiers...

Besides Jaxson's actual birthday and maybe his wedding, I believe that his baptism today is one of the most influential days in his life. Robyn and I have set the foundation for our little buddy to grow up in a loving home that believes in hard work, good times, strong faith, and loving hearts.

Our parents set the foundation for us, all we can do is hope we can do as good a job as they did. Days like today will make anyone humble. The love and support that our families showed today, by being present at Jaxson's baptism, is more than any parent could ask for. I know that all of our grandparents that have passed on, my Mamaw and Papaw and GeeGee and Robyn's Siti and Pops, were looking down on us today and had a simple smile on their faces knowing that the legacy of their families had just taking one more step in the right direction.

Thank you to everyone for their generosity, support, gifts, thoughts, prayers, and sacrifices you made for us in the past and this weekend. We love you all and the little guy says "Thanks."

Where's Jaxson........?


There He Is!!!!!!


New Doctor, New Treatment

I have always believed that change is good, and with Jaxson still holding onto his cough that has been lingering for weeks now, Robyn and I decided to try a new doctor.

Not sure what finally pushed us over the edge. Maybe it was the countless coughing attacks that Jaxson had to experience, maybe it was the multiple ear infections that were not going away, or maybe it was the parental instincts that we just didn't feel comfortable at the other doctor.

Nothing personal against our last doctor, but something just didn't feel right. So, we went with a hunch and went to see Doctor Stacey Gibson-Hull, and man, what a difference. From the moment we walked in to the office, you could just feel the happiness in her office. Maybe it was the architect in me that enjoyed the design of the hospital or maybe it was the hand painted fairy tale stories from wall to wall, or it could have been the smile on the doctor's face.

Never before have a felt so comfortable with a doctor on our first visit. She is a very personable person that Robyn and I both connected with from the initial meeting.

With all that being said, within 5 minutes of being in the office Doctor Hull had prescribed Jaxson with a nebulizer with albuterol. If your not sure what that is, let me explain. A nebulizer is a breathing treatment machine that omits fine mist - basically a big inhaler that helps the little guy breath easier. The contraption looks scary, but it is heaven sent. Not sure how long we will have to keep up the routine of breathing treatments every 4 hours, but the doctor said if he isn't better by Monday, to come back in and we will take the next step.

Thanks again doc.

What's For Dinner?

With Robyn taking on a new role as a Pampered Chef consultant, Jaxson thought he could lend a helping hand in the cooking for the evening. Mommy and daddy wouldn't let the little guy handle any of the sharp tools, but we did let him chew on the recipes - somebody had to do the taste testing, even if it was just paper.

The little guy, in the past few days, has really begun to pay attention to what is going on his world. As he swings in his chair, he simply waits for one of us to walk by so he can stare us down and give us just enough of a whimper to make us feel guilty enough to come pick him up. The young man sure does know how to melt our hearts by staring at us with those big blue eyes.

In the least, the landscape at the dinner table has taken on a whole new look.

It's The Thought That Counts

A few days late I know; but, I still got it documented.

Happy Birthday Big Papi.

Who would have none that someone your age would still be able to walk......ew, that hurts.
Jaxson would sing you Happy Birthday, but he can't talk, so a Happy Birthday grunt is all we can offer.

Thank you for all you do for Robyn and I.

The World is Flat.

Technology is amazing, truly amazing.

Now that cell phones run our lives, and if you don't believe me, leave your phone off and out of sight for an entire day and see how "naked" you feel all day long. Our societies dependency on technology is an entirely new concept that 10 years ago was unheard of. Ten years ago the most technology most people had was a pager or maybe a phone that came in a bigger-than-life carrying case that required a battery the size of a small baby.

Curious as to where this rave is coming from, let me explain.

Last week I was at UTA for a presentation to the grad students, and I ran into some old college friends that I have not seen since Jaxson was born. Instead of asking me if I had any photos in my wallet she could see; she asked me if I had any pictures on my phone.

The phone has replaced the wallet as a man's place to store his photos? If you think about it, that is a profound switch in the way we think as people and the way in which we interact with one another on a technological approach. The phone has once again taking on another aspect of our daily lives.